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[Mayan EDMS: 2574] newbee questions

I'm very new here. 
I installed Mayan EDMS 3.0 as docker on my synology but know i wanna install Mayan Document renaming and Document Analyser.
But how can i do that on my synology?

I logged in with putty and tried  "pip install mayan-document_renaming " but that doesn't work :(

Another question
I have set a pop3 client to Mayan EDMS. But is it posible to only store a pdf attachment and add automaticly the email adres of the sender and date to the file? 
The emails i recive have also jpg's in the mail.

Last question. It is not possible i think to save the incomming email as pdf, so is it possible to add a tag or something with a number to keep the email and pdf's and jpg's together.
(it's a other email account as mentioned above.

Sorry for my bad English.



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