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[Mayan EDMS: 2140] Advanced Visibility Setup

Hi all,

Recently I have been analyzing Mayan ADMS to see if it can support us in our company.
So far it looks very promising and I am very positive about the program thumbs up!

I have encountered some issues with visibility in Mayan for which I would like to request some support:
- I have a cabinet and I want all documents in that cabinet to be visible for certain Roles. Currently the "view document" permission is linked to a document type, but would it be possible to move this to the cabinet level?
- Same as above counts for Tags: I have created 3 Tags, which represent a document status: Draft, Released, Expired. I have created an Expiry Date via the Metadata and in the background I have an automatic process which scans for documents which have an expiry date < Sysdate and then the tag (status) is automatically updated to "expired". I would only like documents to be visible to other roles when the status is "releases". So this issue is quite similar to the above issue: is it possible to move the "view documents" permission to the tag level instead of the document type level?
- If the above is possible, then I would like to set it up such that the document upload user can always see his own documents (regardless if it is in a cabinet, or not), but other users only when the document is in a certain cabinet and have a tag which allows them to see the document.

I have another question regarding the ACL's:
- Is it possible to hide certain roles to the user creating the ACL? I don't want to have the user to see all the roles, but only those roles that he is allowed to see

Many thanks for your support, looking forward to your answers.



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