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[Mayan EDMS: 2128] How best to enter meta data for scanned documents?

Many thanks to all concerned - I've recently started using Mayan - and I'm hugely impressed.  The UI seems very slick.

I am struggling, however, with something that my intuition tells me is likely to be a typical Mayan use-case.

I have thousands of letters... The documents need to be tagged by 'correspondent' - and, when combined with the date on document, for this to be used as a "primary identifier".  Right now, the paper documents are not very logically organized.   My hope is that, by scanning them into Mayan, I can achieve the organization I require.  I've a sheet-fed scanner, so it is fairly easy for me to create (many thousands of) scanned documents. I've configured a "Staging Folder" - which was straightforward... but I don't see a neat way to manually enter meta data for each document (each document requires a very quick visual review on-screen - then entry of a date and tags.)

I'm struggling to see how best to provide each document with its date and tags. I've managed to update meta-data and tags using 'Actions' on the 'Recent Documents' page for a dozen documents... but it seems a very cumbersome approach.  I'm sure I'm overlooking something.  Is there a straightforward way to streamline data entry of this meta-data for scanned documents?  When I use the 'Document Upload Wizard' - I have to choose the document type and the mandatory metadata 'date' before I get to see the document(s) in the staging folder.  Do I need to configure a 'workflow' to see the document before I have to provide its meta-data? 

By any chance can anyone point me in the right direction?



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