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[Mayan EDMS: 1758] cabinets permissions

Nicolas Loyce
Hi, I would like to attribute one cabinet for each users that I create but I dont want the users to be able to see each cabinets

for exemple,  I have created the users "John Carpenter" and "Mickey Redfield", which is part of the group "Client" which is a member of the role "classic user"
I have set the permissions of "classic user" in this way : 
on the chapter Cabinets, I prohibited to create, edit, view, and delete cabinets
then I made 2 cabinets : John Carpenter and MickeyRedfield, for the one of Mickey Redfield I allow the "view of cabinets" and I did the same for John Carpenter.
Then when John Carpenter log in, he is able to go in his cabinets but can't go in the others, and vice versa

The thing which is quite annoying, is that Mike can see that John is my client and same in the other way. 

Is there a tip to mask the name of the cabinet as well ? I think it's not logic to be able to see the cabinet whereas it's prohibited in the role permission

what do you think ? can I do some thing for this ? 


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