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[Mayan EDMS: 1633] Mayan EDMS 2.2 release candidate 1 is out

Version 2.2rc1 is now tagged in the repository and release via PyPI for testing.

With the code freeze in effect only issue fixes and not project code will be committed. The translation files have been updated and pushed to transifex (https://www.transifex.com/rosarior/mayan-edms/languages/).
Please head over the link to help improve the translations. 

After pushing the source translation files this is the translation progress for each language:

French 92%
German (Germany) 92%
Italian 92%
Spanish 92%
Portuguese (Brazil) 91%
Persian 78%
Russian 75%
Dutch (Netherlands) 68%
Polish 65%
Romanian (Romania) 45%
Portuguese 43%
Chinese (China) 41%
Arabic 39%
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 39%
Bulgarian 33%
Vietnamese (Viet Nam) 24%
Danish 20%
Hungarian 13%
Indonesian 13%
Slovenian (Slovenia) 13%
Turkish (Turkey) 12%

The cabinets app was enabled and added to be translated. The remaining work will concentrate in updating and improving the documentation.
On the topic of documentation, this will be the last release containing the documentation as part of the project. The documentation is being moved to a separate repository at https://gitlab.com/mayan-edms/manual
Following the feedback from Roger Hunwicks (@roger.hunwicks) the markup language of this new manual will be Markdown instead of RestructuredText. Hopefully this will make is easier for those wanting to contribute to the documentation to submit patches in a much simpler markup language such as the work submitted by @jnko for ArchLinux installation.


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