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[Mayan EDMS: 1486] WebDav FTP

Hi me and a friend reading today a lot about Mayan EDMS in case I search for our Family and small Business a place to store our papers.
Anyway, I have on or the other question.
How can I send Documents from my standalone Scanner via FTP to the ME and will you also grant access by WebDAV?
Mayan ansered tha this protocol is actually not supported. Is it possible to add generally this protocols to the API?
How can we support to add this function?
I use a groupware for Email communication and this groupware allows access via WebDAV and also by FTP to store mails and attachments and also to add attachments to mails, so it will be great if ME having this feature...maybe I am over read this information and possibility...that's only thing I am missing...by the way how easy is it to backup and restore the whole Datas to a new instance...

Best Holger


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