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[Mayan EDMS: 1375] Mayan EDMS talk at Gresham Library, OR June 18th, 2016

From the website:


EAST Knowledge is excited to host James Richey for our eighth meeting. Join us for James' talk sharing what he's learned about Mayan EDMS. There will be an interactive demonstration, so bring your laptops! All are welcome!

What:Replace Your File Cabinet with Mayan EDMS
Who:James Richey
Where:Large Meeting Room at the Gresham Library
385 NW Miller Ave, Gresham (map)
When:10:30am - Noon, Saturday, June 18th, 2016
Why:Sharing what we know

Mayan EDMS is a free open source electronic document management system suitable for the home or office. It has powerful search and automatic categorization functionality. If you have you ever been frustrated while trying to locate an important document, been overwhelmed from attempting to organize a large stack of papers, or want to preserve your documents in digital form, you'll want to learn more about Mayan EDMS. James will:

  • Give an overview of Mayan EDMS and the problems it solves
  • Explain the key concepts such as metadata, document types, and indexes
  • Show how to import documents
  • Explore ways to quickly locate documents
  • Demonstrate Mayan EDMS with a live, interactive demo
  • Describe how to install and administer the software

Come and learn something new! We hope to see you there!




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